Fine Arts College & Cardiff Sixth Form College

Dukes Education

Dukes Education is a family of schools and education organisations based in the UK.

Fine Arts College (AGES 13-18)

  • Fine Arts College in Hampstead, north London, has become known for its award-winning provision in the fine, visual, and performing Arts.
  • Over the last forty years, the school has built a loyal following among local parents and alumni, expanding to more than 200 students from age 13+.
  • The spirit of creativity and close, personal teaching remain hallmarks of the school’s atmosphere.
  • Students were successful in gaining places at the University of Oxford, King’s College London, Central St. Martin’s, and Edinburgh, to name a few.

Cardiff Sixth Form College (AGES 15-18)

  • Founded in 2004 as a small, private tutorial college focusing on academic achievements.
  • It has gained a name for itself as the Top Independent School in the UK, after catapulting to the top of the league tables in 2010, where it has remained ever since.
  • Its unique, ‘East-meets-West’ approach to education has developed from a careful study of the most successful teaching philosophies worldwide.
  • Over 99% of students achieve A*s – Bs in their A-levels, with an outstanding 93% of them achieving all A*-As